Aviary Mineral Brick (pink 625gm)
Pigeon Rings (50)  Av
Pigeon  Mineral Brick Pink 625gm
Pigeon Calcuim Bricks 625gm Yellow
White  Mineral Brick 625gm
Pigeon Calcium Grit 4kg
Pigeon Calcium Grit 12.5kg
Pigeon Terra Cotta Grit 2.5kg
Pigeon Terra Cotta Grit 12.5kg
Pigeon Loft Dressing 2.5kg
Pigeon Loft Dressing 12.5kg
Pigeon Mineral Grit 4kg
Pigeon Mineral Grit 12.5kg
Pigeon Pink Minerals Powder 4kg Tub
Pigeon Pink Minerals Powder 12kg
Pigeon Vitagold 400gm
Pigeon Seed Oil 250ml  Av
Pigeon Garlic Oil 250ml
Pigeon Pick Pot Refill ( 4 Pack)
Poultry Mineral Brick 1250gm 2 Bricks
Aviclens 500ml (Vetafarm)
Aviclens 1lt (Vetafarm)
Aviclens 250ml   (Vetafarm)
Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Tabs 100's
Avitrol Plus 100ml Bird Wormer
Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer 25ml
Inca Bird Wormer 125ml
Inca Bird Wormer 250ml
Inca Bird Wormer 500ml
BVM Pink Powder 1kg (Blend of Vit & Mins)
Bvm Powder 10kg (ME)
BVM Pink Powder 2kg (Blend of Vit & Mins)
BVM Pink Powder 4kg (Blend of Vit & Mins)
Pink Powder 4kg ME
Calcivet 100ml (Vetafarm)
Calcivet 1lt  (Vetafarm)
Calcivet 250ml   (Vetafarm)
Calcivet 500ml  (Vetafarm)
Calcium Cake 500gm ME
Inca Sulpha D 125ml
Inca Sulpha D 250ml
Inca Sulpha D  500ml
Inca Sulpha 3 125mls
Inca Sulpha 3 250mls
Avian Insect liq Conc 500ml (Vetafarm)
Avian Insect Liquidator RTU 500ml ( Vetafarm)
Inca Cod Liver & Wheatgerm 100ml
Inca Cod Liver & Wheatgerm Oil 200mls
Inca Cod Liver & Wheatgerm Oil 500mls
Passwell  Fruit & Nut 125gm
Passwell Fruit & Nut 330gm
Passwell Fruit & Nut 1.25kg
Passwell Fruit & Nut 5kg
Passwell Fruit & Nut 10kg
Passwell Fruit & Nut 20kg
Egg & Biscuit 500gm Passwell
Egg & Biscuit 1kg (Passwell)
Egg & Biscuit 2kg (Passwell)
Egg & Biscuit 5kg (Passwell)
Egg & Biscuit 10kg Passwell
Egg & Biscuit 20kg Passwell
Passwell Hand Rearing Food 1kg
Passwell Hand Rearing Food 2kg
Passwell Hand Rearing Food 300gm
Passwell Complete Lorikeet 500gm
Passwell Complete Lorikeet 1kg
Passwell Complete Lorikeet 5kg
Passwell Complete Lorikeet 10kg
Passwell Complete Lorikeet 20kg
Passwell Parrot Pellets 1kg
Passwell Parrot Pellets 5kg
Passwell Parrot Pellets 10kg
Passwell Parrot Pellets 20kg
Vetafarm Parrot Pallets Maintance 350gm
Vetafarm Parrot Pallets Maintance 2kg
Vetafarm Neo Care 2.5kg
Vetafarm Nutriblend Breeder 2kg
Vetafarm Nutriblend Large Pellets 1.6kg
Vetafarm Nutriblend Mini  Pellets 2kg
Vetafarm Nutriblend Mini  Pellets 350gm
Vetafarm Nutriblend Small  Pellets 2kg
Vetafarm Nutriblend Small  Pellet 350gm
Vetafarm Paradise Pellets 2kg
Vetafarm Paradise Pellets 10kg
Vetafarm South American Mix  350gm
Vetafarm South American Mix  2kg
Vetafarm Finch Budgie  Crumbles 450gm
Vetafarm Finch  Budgie Crumbles 2kg
Vetafarm Golden Lori Rice Formula 450gm
Vetrafarm Worm Out Gel 100ml
Vetafarm Solvite D Breeder 1kg
Vetafarm Solvite D 100gm
Vetafarm Solvite D 450gm
Vetafarm Hand Rearing Food 2.5kg
Vetafarm Hand Rearing Food 450gm
Vetafarm Neo Care 450gm
Vetafarm Nutriblend Large Pellets 10KG
Vetafarm Breeding Aid 1lt
Vetafarm Soluvet 100gm
Vetafarm Soluvet 450gm
Vetafrm Aviclens 5lt
Vetafarm Deci Treats 500gm
Vetafarm Deci Treats 2.5kg
Vetafarm Breeding Aid 500ml
Vetafarm Breeding Aid 250ml
Vetafarm Parrot Essentials 2kg
Vetafarm Avimec 50ml
Vetafarm Breeding Aid 100ml
Triple C 100gm (Vetafarm)
Triple C 500gm (Vetafarm)
Vetafarm Nectar Pellets 2kg
Vetafarm Nectar Pellets 350gm
Vetafarm Pigeon worm Tabs
Vetafarm Spark 250ml
Vetafarm Spark 500ml
Vetafarm Neo Care 10kg

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